Since I have started treating LouReviews as a professional arts blog, I have carried out the following interviews:

Mouthpiece and author Kieran Hurley

Stacy and director Caoimhe Blair

Beats on Pointe and creator Jennifer Masters

Sushi Girls and author Tony Leliw

Drunken Brainstorm – Tilly Price and Josh Silverlock

Missing Cat – Josh Silverlock and Saul Barrett

Ophelia Rewound and creator/performer Antigoni Spanou

Before I Am Lost and creator/performer Beatrice Vincent

Mercy and writer Mandi Riggi

Zombies: the Musical and writer Daryl Griffith

A New Dawn and author Olly Kendall

Under the Radar and author Jonathon Crewe

Theatrical Niche’s Uncle Vanya and company director Venetia Twigg

The Signalman and creatives Tim Larkfield, Martin Malcolm and Sam Raffal

Us Two and author Lucinda Borrell

Vault Festival preview: TALK PROPA and director Caitlin Evans

Vault Festival preview: What The Dolls Saw and writer Nic Lamont

Vault Festival preview: Tuna and creatives Rosanna Suppa and Robbie Taylor Hunt

Vault Festival preview: This Poo Shall Pass and writer/performer Molly Martian

No Sweat and writer/director Vicky Moran

Vault Festival preview: Alice and writer/performer Emily Renee and production collective Klein Blue

Vault Festival preview: This Queer House and creators Oakley Flanagan, Masha Kevinovna, and Oli Isaac

Vault Festival preview: Father’s Son and writer James Morton

Vault Festival preview: Far Gone and writer/performer John Rwothomack

Vault Festival interview: Aamira and Gad and co-directors Tess Agus and Katherine Sturt-Scobie