Camden Fringe preview: Do you remember the first rhyme?

Lisa O’Hare of Winging It Productions stops off at the Museum of Comedy for one performance only on 27 August at 5pm with her new 45-minute show Do you remember the first rhyme?

“In this gently humorous spoken word show O’Hare explains how she returned to creativity in her 40s after forgetting it for a decade, or two. She recently found her first ever poetry book, which made her reflect on so much more than just the book, Join her as she explores how she loved, lost and found her imagination all over again.”


Read on for more about the show from Lisa.

Promotional image for Do you remember the first thyme?

Tell me about your Camden Fringe show! What’s it all about?

It’s called Do you remember the first rhyme? and it is a story peppered with poems about loving books, poetry, jokes, lyrics and performance as a child. I lost connection with that creative side for a decade or two and I came back to it in my 40s. 

What’s the best thing about being part of a festival like this?

Feeling part of a creative community elevates the experience of bringing a show into the world. Fringe theatre is always vibrant, imaginative and accessible and, as I explain in my show, I have always wanted to be part of one. And now I am I absolutely love it. 

What has your company been up to over the part year of theatre recovery?

I had just really started my creative journey in 2019 and as I was getting into the swing of things lockdown happened. But I wasn’t going to put my creativity away again. I joined Zoom open mics for storytelling and poetry. I posted more online and connected with way more people than I may otherwise have done.  And now there is a chance to bring work back to live stages I am ready to grab that chance with both hands. 

Do you have further plans for the show after the Camden Fringe? Or other shows in other spaces?

I am proud of this show and I will definitely be performing it again and have applied to a few other festivals. I am also bringing back my first show at the Women In Comedy festival in Manchester in October which is super exciting. 

Let’s finish on a one liner. Why should I come to see Do you remember the first rhyme?

To have your heart warmed with a splash of humour.