Preview: Jonny Feathers, with writer Martin Murphy

The children’s show Jonny Feathers – Rock ‘n’ Roll Pigeon, makes a return engagement to London this month as the intrepid pigeon flies in to Riverside Studios from 7 Dec – 8 Jan.

“It’s the day of Jonny’s big gig in Camden Town but he’s lost his guitar!” Using music, puppets, bubbles, sparkle and some cheeky jokes there should be something for all the family.

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We caught up with show writer Martin Murphy to find out a bit more about the show.

Production photo for Jonny Feathers

What or who was the inspiration for Jonny Feathers?

Having spent my teenage years playing in bands in Camden I wanted to create a fun character who communicates that world to a young audience. 

There’s a bit of all of us in Jonny Feathers as most of us identify with being a bit naughty sometimes.

Through the story of a little pigeon who’s lost his guitar on the day of his big gig I’ve hopefully created a world we can all step inside as we join in the search. 

I wanted a fun and exciting story that kids would love but with more edge than most of the work out there for little ones.

I loved books like Spot the Dog as a kid but wanted a grimier world more representative of today, with our hunt taking us through old takeaway wrappers and dirty canals. 

Pigeons often get an unjust bad press – how does Jonny fly the flag for his feathered friends?

That’s the great thing about rock and roll it’s all about being yourself regardless of labels the world might throw at you.

That could mean that you’re  Elvis and people are saying your evil because of the way you shake your hips or you’re Jonny Feathers and the world looks down at you because you’re a pigeon.

Jonny shows that whoever you are music can bring us all together. 

What’s the USP of this show that will tempt people to come and see it?

As a parent I know it’s incredibly rare that something is as fun for adults as it is for kids. Jonny Feathers genuinely ticks both boxes.

Kids absolutely love the show but adults can also watch and will love the music the humour and the genuine sense of fun and rebelliousness. 

Everyone likes a good adventure, and everyone likes buddy stories. Do you have a favourite character in this show?

Jonny Feathers himself is an inevitable favourite, he’s so cheeky, funny & naughty that it’s hard not to be drawn to him.

Vicky the Vixen is another real favourite of mine, she brings a real sense of coolness and danger to the piece but always while maintaining her efforts to help her friends.

Bale the Snail is a very different type of character to one we’d usually see on stage but through her music creates a really special feeling of warmth and love that makes her another favourite. 

Production photo of Jonny Feathers

Image credit: Harry Elletson