A chat with ClusterFlux

Fresh from playing their show Just In Case, God Forbid, You Get Run Over, Someone New Can Come In And Take Over at the Sprint Festival at Camden People’s Theatre, theatre company ClusterFlux are now looking forward to Edinburgh with PLEASE LEAVE (A Message), and have just been shortlisted for Edinburgh Untapped.

We chatted on the heels of Sprint so treat this as an interview promoting the company’s work generally in advance of Edinburgh!

Promotional image for ClusterFlux at the Sprint Festival

What’s the best thing about being in the Sprint Festival?

Getting to test out new ideas to a live audience!

Our work is always in a state of flux, and we love experimenting with form and finding new ways of telling a story.

Sprint gives us a chance to try something new to an audience that want to see something different, and see what they get from it.

We love that we get to reach new audiences through sprint who may not know our work and meet the amazing artists who are performing there.

Your show has a long name! Where did the idea come from?

Dont worry, the title is longer than the show ha!

When we were making our last show, we kept getting distracted and taken off course.

Halfway through that process, we realised that these distractions were what was interesting about the work and decided to embrace them in that show and in future work.

So we began making a show about distractions, but we had just finished the course that brought us together, and had to find proper jobs.

The show and our working lives kept spilling into each other. We’d be at work thinking about the show, at rehearsals talking about work.

So the show we were making became about work, about our value and our utility, how replaceable we are as workers, and the creativity that can be found in the gaps of production.

What should audiences expect from the show?

Blazers, boxes, and Britney. Surveys. Silliness. Nostalgia. All the good stuff.

What’s next for ClusterFlux?

We’ve just been shortlisted for Untapped and we’re ridiculously excited about that!

Whether we get it or not, we’re definitely going to Edinburgh fringe this year, and we can’t wait, so keep an eye out for our show. PLEASE LEAVE (a message) It’s really fun and only a little bit terrifying.

We’re also obsessed with the idea of becoming a band, but we might need some music lessons first.

But in the immediate future, we’ll wake up tomorrow, knackered from the show tonight and the post show pints, and return to our day jobs.

For more about ClusterFlux, follow their Instagram.