Brighton Fringe preview: Rosie Sings – My Vagina’s Priceless

Heading to the Brighton Fringe in May, and the Edinburgh Fringe in August, Rosie Sings brings My Vagina’s Priceless to the stage – an hour long comic musical cabaret with songs that “sound as if Kanye West, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Elmo made an album together.”

We caught up with Rosie for a chat about the show, which is described as “hilariously honest tales and stunning vocals.”

Where: The Actors – Theatre

When: 20-21 May

Ticket link:

Promotional photo of Rosie Sings

What’s the best thing about being part of the Brighton Fringe?

Well – Brighton of course! The warmer weather and being by the sea is something I gain genuine joy from.

I like the sense of community in Brighton and I feel that the people are more accepting of one another locally as well as those who are visiting. It’s a really nice vibe. 

My Vagina’s Priceless has been described as “full of songs, stories and sass”. Tell me more!

I chose the words above to give a super quick, in a nutshell, overview of what to expect. All of the stories in the show are true stories taken from my own life experiences – some of them you’d usually not share in public, but it’s too late now anyway.

Each segment fits into a larger story arch sharing the journey of how I met my beautiful husband (to be). I’m naturally quite a dry and sarcastic human as well as at times, brutally honest, which is where the sass tends to come from and singing is the only way I know how to make money so this combo fell into place quite easily.

This show is rather special because it is my first show featuring original songs which, as a process, has been both terrifying as much as it has been utterly thrilling!

None of the songs would have happened without the wonderful and extremely talented Douglas Price who is the magic behind all of the music in the show.

Doug and I first met way back in 2017, and when I approached him with this idea during Covid, he was completely open and fully committed from start to finish. We’ve had SO much fun writing the show, and it is very much ‘ours’.  

This is a cabaret with personal tales- what gave you the idea to stage it in this way?

Coming from a circus background along with my musical theatre training, Cabaret is all I know how to do in many ways so it felt natural to do it in this format.

The show also has some strong and important messaging and I feel music can help add the correct feeling you’re looking for, in this case, we’ve used music to make a serious subject more lighthearted and fun.

When discussing intimate subject matters, it makes sense to have that mirrored in the venue and set up with the audience so that everyone feels safe and relaxed. I’d love to have had a band with me on stage but I’ve actually found it liberating performing solo. 

What’s next for the show and for you?

The show will be heading to Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August and then we’d love to explore more fringes we’ve never been to before – somewhere abroad would be great and we’re researching this at the moment.

We’re also in the process of recording the songs and the audio version of the show so that it can be available to listen to online. We’d love to film it with a live band perhaps next year sometime. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed, I guess!!