Vault preview: The Whoreing Twenties

The provocative comedy duo Kat and Kat bring their new show The Whoreing Twenties to the Vault Festival this week. It was one of the shows set to play last year’s cancelled run.

Where: Crescent, The Vaults

When: 10-11 Feb (10.30pm, 10.00pm)

Ticket link:

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We caught up with Kat Ronson (Northern Kat) and Katerina Robinson (Southern Kat) to find out more about the show which has “hilarious live sketches and piping hot, steamy tea”.

What’s the best thing about being part of a festival like Vault?

Kat Ronson: The vibe! Everyone is there to have fun and see lots of different things. The audiences are open-minded and so up for being entertained.

Katerina Robinson: I think being around so many other amazing and talented artists creating new work. It’s very inspiring and I think pushes us to deliver a really great show.

Your show has already been seen at various venues since last year’s Vault was cancelled. Was it important to you to bring it back to the Crescent?

Kat Ronson: Yes! It’s an amazing venue, and we were buzzing to do it last year. It’s our Vault debut and such a milestone for comedians, let alone to be in a 250-seater venue! We’re so grateful we got the slot this year, too. It’s a big vote of confidence for us as artists.

Katerina Robinson: 100 per cent! Vault Festival was actually the initial first place we wanted to perform The Whoreing Twenties, but due to covid, we missed out. Last time I performed at Vault, I was doing a 5 min stand up set in the Crescent, so to go from that to performing my own show in the same space is very exciting and a proud moment.

You are both known for your challenging and risky stand-up. What do you like the most about sharing your work in this way?

Kat Ronson: I want to make an impact and be remembered. Even if people hate it, I don’t want to be safe. I want to say something real. To be honest, we think in strange ways anyway. Being a bit weird is natural to us. We noticed a lot of parallels in our stand-up. Nothing is off limits for us. That’s why we started working together, we did one sketch collaboration, and that was it. It flowed effortlessly.

Promotional image for The Whoreing Twenties

Katerina Robinson: All our work has always been a spectacle, and I think we both really pride ourselves on making an impact. In the words of Marilyn Monroe “It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”

The show pokes fun at the online dating scene and getting to fourth base – spill the tea on what audiences should expect!

Kat Ronson: Have you ever seen someone deepthroat a cucumber live on stage? We do something different each minute. It’s lots of different sketches on anything and everything – from dck picks to how to handle fck boys and f*ck girls! We even read our real DMs live that we’ve been sent. It’s reality, but make it funny. We have something for everyone in this show. Anyone can relate.

Katerina Robinson: We explore everything from messages we’ve received from men on Instagram, we even have a whole PowerPoint slide show about how to be a hoe. The audience can expect sexy comedy all about the dating scene and our experiences as women in our twenties and approaching thirties.

What’s next for Kat and Kat after this run?

Kat Ronson: We are hoping to take the show to Edinburgh, so watch this space! We also have a project called ‘LADS’ that’s been in development for a while, so we really want the green light on that. Send positive vibes for us!

Katerina Robinson: We’re praying LADS gets picked up as it’s been an ongoing project of ours!