Camden Fringe preview: Hotel Michelle

“Get ready for laughs, fun and a dose of escapism to an unknown destination in this five-star hotel comedy from one of Hoopla Impro’s most hilarious house teams.”

As Michelle Impro bring their show to Camden Fringe (18-20 August at Camden Comedy Club; 26-27 August as 2Northdown), company member Lilla has the details.

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Promotional image for Horel Michelle

Tell me about your Camden Fringe show! What’s it all about?

Hotel Michelle is an improvised sketch show set in a hotel of the audience’s creation! You choose the themed rooms, the events, the VIPs. Michelle does the rest!

An ensemble of some of London’s top improvisers create a five-star experience of sharp scenes, big characters, and inevitable strangeness.

What’s the best thing about being part of a festival like this?

Being part of the Camden Fringe is a highlight of the year for us. It’s a chance to do some big shows and really stretch the format to bring the hotel to life.

What has your company been up to over the last year of theatre recovery?

We’ve been performing regularly since the pandemic, including a great run at Brighton Fringe earlier in the year. Our ensemble has also grown so we’re really excited to bring our show with some new faces to Camden Fringe after a cracking time last year!

Do you have further plans for the show after the Camden Fringe? Or other shows in other places?

We’ll still be performing regularly around London, mainly on the stage of Hoopla Impro. After the fringe we’re heading to Ireland in November to take part in the Improv Fest Ireland.

We’ll also be holding some auditions in the winter: check our socialz!

Let’s finish on a one-liner. Why should I come to see Hotel Michelle?

Where else can you watch newlyweds trying to enjoy their honeymoon in the dessert room, only to be disturbed by a divorce party downstairs (actual audience suggestion)?!