Interview: Nul Points! at Union Theatre

Nul Points! starts previews at the Union Theatre tonight – a new Eurovision comedy by Martin Blackburn, it takes us to Josh’s party on the big night across five years as he bestows his guests with Bucks Fizz, Euro-V trivia and games of Eurovision truth or dare!

Directed by William Spencer and running to 20 May, there is also a special Eurovision Final Party following the 5pm performance on the 13 May.

I asked the cast of this show – Adele Anderson, Charlotte East, Marcus J Foreman, Sean Huddlestan, and Kane Verrall) to tell me a bit more about the show and what Eurovision means to them.

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It’s so exciting that the UK is hosting Eurovision 2023 (despite the fact we didn’t win). How excited are you that we have this in Liverpool AND ‘Nul Points!’ in London?

Well, as there are quite a few Northern and Midlands creatives in the team, it’s great to see an international event be not so London-centric. But we can guarantee that here in London you’ll be sure to have just as much fun.

So, this show is about those wonderful Eurovision shows and the parties that celebrate them. What songs stand out for you from the rich musical legacy of years past?’

Nul Points! is a show about someone using Eurovision to bring the people around them closer together, and how time can often change friendships. Not everybody loves Eurovision after all.

The songs that stand out to us as a cast are ‘Euphoria’ by Loreen and ‘Think About Things’ by Da∂i Freyr. 

Do we, the UK, have the right attitude to Eurovision? For me, it is a comic highlight of the year, but one we still doggedly hope to win. Thoughts?

Do we, the UK, have the right attitude to Eurovision? – we’re getting there and a show like this will definitely encourage people who aren’t as fond to take a second look at the importance of Eurovision.

There’s a special performance at 5pm on the 13th. Is this going to be the party to end all parties? And what’s your prediction for this year?

Sweden! Loreen is entering as an established member of Eurovision royalty. Our show has a special connection to her 2012 entry ‘Euphoria’, and so we’re backing her to go “Up Up Up” and win!

There are other shows on a similar theme about. What’s special about Nul Points!, and which of you most embody the Spirit of Eurovision?

Come and find out! What we can say, is this isn’t your typical Eurovision show. We’re touching on topics that aren’t usually associated with the typical glitz and glamour. It’s about friendship, loyalty and the occasional ‘ball’ gag!

Book now for Nul Points! at the Union Theatre – tickets here.

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