Vault preview: Sobriety on the Rocks

Theatre duo A Tad Kiwi bring their show Sobriety on the Rocks to Vault Festival this month.

Writer-performer Renèe Buckland and director Tadeas Moravec are responsible for a show which asks ‘can you help a alcoholic who doesn’t want to be helped?’

Where: Crescent at the Vaults

When: 18-19 Mar, 2.45pm (Sat only) & 6.30pm

Ticket link:

Promotional image for Sobriety on the Rocks

What’s the best thing about being part of Vault?

It feels like a very personal festival. That might sound odd but having been a part of other, sometimes bigger scale festivals, you can feel like such dot on a painted canvas.

However, with Vault Festival, it’s so social and supportive, and we feel like we do have a chance to really see a lot of others’ work and shows.

We’re so grateful to be performing during the final weekend at Vault Festival, especially in the Crescent.

Sobriety on the Rocks is a one-woman show on the topic of alcoholism. Where did the idea for the show come from?

It’s a fictional story inspired by real experiences and events had by an alcoholic. The Alcoholic is the father of writer/performer, Renèe Buckland.

We want to bring a new and fresh perspective to the highly stereotyped image of who and what an alcoholic looks like.

Four characters and a ninja turtle are involved! What should audiences expect when they come to watch?

Lots of New Zealand humour. Let’s set the record, we’re definitely not a comedy show, but this play isn’t all blue. Like everything, it has got to have light as well as shade.

The core of the show is that it is a battleground, with all the characters fighting their own battle. A mixture of text and physical theatre drives this show, unraveling the story of all four warriors. For the Ninja Turtle…well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

A Tad Kiwi hails from New Zealand. How does the theatre scene work there, and how have you been finding London and the UK?

A Tad Kiwi is fantastically international, New Zealand makes up one half of A Tad Kiwi, the other half is co-producer, Tadeas from the The Czech Republic.

In terms of the kiwi theatre scene, there definitely is something brewing down there.The New Zealand creatives we know are extremely talented but severely lack funding.

There is a small but rich theatre scene full of world-class talent and creativity but needs the hands of people higher up to grow and spread.

London is the place to be for theatre. We are gobsmacked by how much there is and the opportunities emerging actors can have in comparison to New Zealand. London is a very special place.

What’s next for the show?

Very good question. We’re manifesting good things for this show. Touring would be the dream. In whatever capacity that is. Either in the UK or overseas. We would love to go on the road!