Camden Fringe preview: Do You Remember That This Is The Play I Was Telling You About

Writer/performer Piero Grandinetti chats about his new show, opening at the Camden Fringe in August.

Described as “a visceral production of a show where we take a unique journey into the lives & minds of these performers,” Do You Remember … is sure to be something special this summer.

Where: Hen & Chickens Theatre

When: 11-14 Aug, 9pm

Ticket link:

Promotional image for Do You Remember ...

What’s special about being part of the Camden Fringe?

Audiences are always very supportive and friendly and come in expecting to see something different and maybe experimental too, which excites me very much.   

I think the audiences that go to Fringe shows are usually more daring and adventurous and expect to be challenged, which I absolutely love & find a lot of fun. 

They also attract audiences that have never been to the theatre too which is very cool. 

It’s our first time performing at the Camden Fringe and their boldness & adventurousness’s (if that is even a word), excites us very much.

Do You Remember … is a leading question, a unique journey and a creative collision. What should audiences expect?

A dark, twisted, surreal, comic tale of sorts with adventure. We have performers from a wide genre of styles and talents, and when they all finally collide what this brings to the forefront, no one really knows, but chaos might ensue. 

There are also going to be four stories told in the show, and these will be improvised and could very well change each night depending on where we are taken, but the rest of the play is scripted.

You reference Inside No 9 as an influence. So think comic and creepy? Your company has a clown, an actor, a dancer, an artist and a figment – so anything could happen?

Absolutely, I love this series and the talents/minds of Reece Shearsmith & Steve Pemberton. With their ability to bring something so mundane and ordinary, then putting a whole new twist and level on it is very exciting to watch and keeps you guessing. 

So when developing this play, I got my inspiration from that series as well as their other one Psychoville, oh and I can’t forget our figment too. His name is Malcom & provides a lot of wisdom & inspiration from other dimensions.

The Hen & Chickens is an intimate pub venue that works well for offbeat and surreal work. What do you like best about the venue?

It’s a lovely intimate space, and I love their daring approach in putting on a wide variety of shows that push the boundaries and are not afraid of taking risks. I mean, The Mighty Boosh started off here, and what’s not to love about that!!

What’s next for Do You Remember .. 

We have had other actors expressing their interest in joining our cast, but this first foray is an experiment.

If it proves popular and people enjoy, then we would love our production to continue into the future with these bigger casts, sets, ideas, and venues.   

My wife has also said that our production would suit showings at Southwark Playhouse, which it would.