Brighton Fringe preview: Life Learnings of a Nonsensical Human

Jenny Foulds, a queer, neurodiverse performance poet, brings her new show to the Brighton Fringe in a 50-minute ode to the joy and complexities of friendship, queerness and raving.

It brings together topics such as ADHD, grief, and queerness in a joyful way – we caught up with Jenny to find out more about this important new piece.

Where: The Brunswick

When: 24-25, 31 May (7pm)

Ticket link:

Promotional image for Life Learnings of a Nonsensical Human

What’s the best thing about being part of Brighton Fringe?

Brighton comes alive during the fringe. There’s an epic atmosphere. It feels so good to be able to contribute towards Brighton as a hub of creativity with so many talented artists.

Life Learnings of a Nonsensical Human – great title, by the way – has poems, raves, reminiscence, and friendship, seen through a queer lens. What can audiences expect?

Audiences can expect to hear stories of ridiculous ravey days and tender anecdotes that everyone can relate to. They will be taken on an adventure through nostalgia of club culture and the nineties, friendship, grief and falling in love. All this against the backdrop of hope in finding joy in the most unlikely places. 

I love the idea of old ravers and sticky dance floors! Where did the idea for the show come from?

Having had quite a colourful life, I wanted to make a cohesive story out of the collection of spoken word that I’ve written over the years, bringing the audience on a longer journey through my poetry and stories.

Friendships are what build and shape us from our first social steps. Do you have one key person who has really impacted on your life?

There have been too many people to mention. So many have impacted me at different times over the years. My people have helped me become who I am. Even though I have made a one woman show, it feels like it has a cast of many in it and I feel ever so lucky to have made big beautiful connections with so many big beautiful people. 

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