Camden Fringe preview: Just Sayin’

“Cat has just arrived in Barcelona and she’s finally ready to meet the perfect guy but when she begins volunteering with the local homeless community she starts to question if maybe there really is more to life than love. As she juggles work, romance, and new friendships Cat’s touching journey highlights the trials of emigration, loneliness, homelessness, and the vital importance of friendship.”

Blue Ink Entertainment bring their show Just Sayin’ to the Camden Fringe (Hope Theatre, 12-14 August) – read on for for more details from writer/performer Tina Zucco!

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Promotional image for Just Sayin'

Tell me about your Camden Fringe show! What’s it all about?

Just Sayin’ is about an Italian girl that moves to Barcelona and starts volunteering for the homeless because of all the wrong reasons… actually, just one reason, he’s tall, smiley and with a very exotic accent!But when Caterina meets the people she’s there to help, and listens to their stories, she suddenly realises there’s more to life than a super gorgeous Greek-god-like man.

What’s the best thing about being part of a festival like this?

The best part is feeling like your part of something much bigger than you, and to know many other artists are in the same boat, paddling away with you! Every week I meet someone that is bringing an original show at the Camden Fringe and we get chatting about all the challenges and how we got here, and it’s just so inspiring.

What has your company been up to over the past year of theatre recovery?

Well well, the company was actually formed in that hyper feeling we all got when lockdown was over, we felt the need to get to our feet, share stories and perform, so together with Matt Hansen, another NYT alumni, we created Blue Ink Entertainment, and now we have two shows at the Fringe! 

Just Sayin’ is my baby, and he’s got Someone Else’s Shoes that is actually opening the Camden Fringe!

So in the past year we’ve been writing, starting projects and producing these two shows!

Do you have further plans for the show after the Camden Fringe? Or other shows in other spaces?

I have big dreams for Just Sayin’!

I’ve started contacting production companies to see if they’d be interested in producing the show on its own, outside the comfort zone of a fringe festival. I’m also building up a team of writers to turn it into a TV series, to pitch to some networks in the new year! Exciting, isn’t it? 

Let’s finish on a one liner. Why should I come to see Just Sayin’?

Because it’s hilarious, moving and heart-breaking all at the same time!