Book reviews

Here is an index of books I have reviewed on LouReviews. This is an area I am developing and will be adding to over time.

Send in the clowns: the yo-yo life of Ian Hendry / Gabriel Hershman

Strolling player: the life and career of Albert Finney / Gabriel Hershman

Black sheep: the authorised biography of Nicol Williamson / Gabriel Hershman

The illustrated Vivian Stanshall / Ki Longfellow-Stanshall

The wacky man / Lyn G Farrell

Avengerworld: The Avengers in our lives / edited by Alan Hayes

With umbrella, scotch and cigarettes: an unauthorised guide / Richard McGinlay, Alan Hayes

My life with Michael: 10 years of Thriller Live! / Gary Lloyd

Theatre blogging / Megan Vaughan

A million miles from Broadway / Mel Atkey