VAULT 2023 picks – weeks 7 and 8

Our final instalment highlighting shows at this year’s Vault Festival reaches March and weeks 7 and 8.

Watch out for our features and interviews for some of these titles as the festival progresses.

Don’t forget to check out the whole programme – hopefully one or more shows appeal to you!

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Week 7


In a PULPably tense tarot reading, best friends peel back their impostor syndrome, squeeze their subconscious and expand the latex of their joyful queer bubble.

By: Bold Mellon Collective. The Flair Ground. Tickets here.


Fringe First winner and lifelong nerd Joe Sellman-Leava examines fandom and nostalgia, in this love-hate letter to pop culture. Expect epic storytelling, razor-sharp impressions and a dose of theatrical magic!

By: Worklight Theatre. Studio. Tickets here.

Good Day

Zara used to want to live forever. But 500 years later, she’s changed her mind. ‘Good Day’ is a darkly comic exploration of immortality and a poignant tribute to impermanence.

By: Double Telling. Network Theatre. Tickets here.


Honour-Bound is a solo show realised by artists of colour and exploring honour-based violence and anti-Blackness in South Asian communities.What would you sacrifice for love?

By: Zahra Jassi. Pit. Tickets here.


1948. Cork City’s crying. Kitty and Angel are plotting a new planet. Armed with kites, they escape into fantasy. But what happens when reality beckons and the line gets caught?

By: LipZinc Theatre. Cage. Tickets here.

The Net Kill

Incognito return with their riotous new comedy about a Victorian badminton team of misfits sent on a quest to vanquish a mysterious beast terrorising Gloucestershire.

By: Incognito Theatre Company. Crescent. Tickets here.

The Phase

It’s 2014 and Rowan’s all-girl Catholic school doesn’t approve of their LGBTQ+ band. The band has a choice: do they give up or fight back to make a change?

By: Zoe Morris and Meg McGrady. Crescent. Tickets here.


Sacrifice is the true story of a woman who battled with tradition to save her disabled daughter from child marriage in rural Africa.

By: Tina Tieno. Studio. Tickets here.

She Howls Kelp

This is the last play you ever need to see. This play is going to do what only niche issue-led fringe theatre can do: change the world.

By: Yellow Hat Productions. Pit. Tickets here.


A girl, a boy, and an unhealthy obsession with space, in this comedy about love, isolation and finding your place in the universe. All without ever leaving planet Earth.

By: Stiff & Kitsch Productions. Cage. Tickets here.


TIME is the story of a middle-aged female cliche who uses her post-menopausal superpower, her invisibility, to visit her successful friends from her past and reinvent her life.

By: Beinghuman Ltd. Cavern. Tickets here.

The War Inside

Take a wild ride inside the body and discover a rip-roaring story of bowel disease diagnosis. Expect blood, tears, absurdity and hilarity as we explore what truly lies beneath.

By: Camille Dawson. Void. Tickets here.

Week 8

Acid’s Reign

With recycled pop songs as green anthems, Acid’s Reign is a drag-cabaret play exploring the queerness of nature, and the climate crisis’ LGBTQ+ impact.

By: Relish Theatre. The Flair Ground. Tickets here.


Shortlisted for the VAULT Five and Charlie Hartill Award, CON-VERSION is a story of identity, love and our personal prisons, exposing the horror of conversion therapy in the UK.

By: Paper Mug Theatre. Crescent. Tickets here.

Good Grief

A dying man’s wish: for his friends to create a show about death.Will it be subtle? Will it be sophisticated? Probably not, but it’s his funeral. Literally.

By: Ugly Bucket. Studio. Tickets here.

Grey Widow

In this acclaimed monologue play, Lady Aria Grey tells the haunting tale of her husband’s life, her husband’s death, and her husband’s restless ghost.

By: Crunchy Lead Productions Ltd. Pit. Tickets here.


In 1989, Helen Sharman responded to a radio advert and became the first Brit in space. 30 years later, her story is finally being told

By: Nothing to Perform (N2P). Cavern. Tickets here.

Hutchy the Hare

At night they dream of him; their mysterious, floppy-eared friend. Whimsy meets despair in Hutchy the Hare: a delightful descent into madness, combining theatre, film and a horrible rabbit.

By: Scram and Scrum Theatre. Studio. Tickets here.


Melonade is a fierce, funny, and full-of-glitter gameshow that tears apart the Tory government’s laughable neurotypical education policies and celebrates the fact that no two brains are the same!

By: G&T Theatre. Cage. Tickets here.

The Messiah Complex

The unproven is blind, untrue and punishable. A world where faith is illegal. A post truth fable. A morality tale about taking belief to extremes. A psychological philosophical thriller.

By: Bag of Beard Theatre. Network Theatre. Tickets here.


Why did the chick disappoint his father? He wasn’t what he was cracked up to be. Except I did not disappoint. I became a butcher. (Pun very intended).

By: Tommasa Giacomin. Pit. Tickets here.

Seeking Delphi

A deeply compelling, painfully stark and shamelessly comic story about three homeless women seeking out stability.

By: Hash Brown Theatre. Network Theatre. Tickets here.

That’s Ace

Ace has never been clubbing before so she arrives early and must survive the whole night waiting for Sasha, her crush. But is her crush romantic or platonic?

By: James Creighton-Goode. Pit. Tickets here.

You Are Going to Die

A surreal naked meditation on your impending annihilation. Brace yourself for a shared purge.

By: Adam Scott-Rowley. Cage. Tickets here.