VAULT 2023 picks – weeks 5 and 6

3rd in our series highlighting the pick of this year’s Vault Festival gets to weeks 5 and 6. Hopefully something here will interest you!

Look out for features/reviews of some of these productions as the festival approaches and progresses.

Week 1-2 picks | Week 3-4 picks

Week 5

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Adventures of an Old C**t [PREVIOUS REVIEW]

Helen Prior tells a hilarious story of life with the help of her own curated collection of art masterpieces. Piss your pants from laughter and get inspired.

By: Helen Prior. The Spacement at The Glitch. Tickets here.

The Awkward Silence’s Big Break

The award-winning comedy duo present their father and son prison musical. Resentment. Redemption. Songs. Diamonds. Escape? Lovely.

By: The Awkward Silence. Crypt. Tickets here.


In a dank cell, Queen Mary, the first woman to wear the English crown, meets the Archbishop she will condemn to burn – and confronts her own bloody reputation.

By: Bring Flamingos/Lucy Beresford-Knox. Pit. Tickets here.

Dark Matter

In an elaborately cosmic attempt to reignite the connection to her ancestral inheritance, Takura blends western ideas of quantum physics and astrology with Zimbabwean myth to reconnect with the spirit of her dead grandmother.

By: Tatenda Naomi Matsvai. Cavern. Tickets here.

Promotional images for week 5 Vault Festival

Emile and Emily

Emile and Emily are best friends in a flat share, flight attendants confronting gravity, and participants in a disastrous celebrity interview. This experimental new piece of theatre explores the limitless potential of language.

By: Tightrope Theatre. Pit. Tickets here.

Hide and Seek

A darkly entertaining play that pits two teenage boys against each other in the face of contagious hatred and prejudice in their small Italian town.

By: ZAVA Productions. Crescent. Tickets here.

Hildegard von Bingen

This multigenerational female ensemble uses voice and movement in a physical opera to explore the spsn of a woman’s life, what it means to always live in fear, with wisdom and if Hildegard ever felt truly free

By: Bound By Theatre. Pit. Tickets here.

Joshua (and Me)

Full of laughter, love, and original music, this show explores the writer’s own experience of growing up with an autistic sibling: giving a voice to young people with responsibilities of care.

By: Rachel Hammond. Studio. Tickets here.

Promotional images for week 5 Vault Festival

Love In

Step into Love In and take your place amongst history’s revolutionary lovers. Each session lasts 15 minutes and all participants will leave with a love letter composed by the Lover during the session – content is left up to the audience.

By: Amanda Grace. Void. Tickets here.


Maud, a modern-day lynching, is a verbatim play about the 2020 murder of 25-year old Ahmaud ‘Maud’ Arbery, a former high-school football standout, by three white men in Satilla Shores, Georgia.

By Sic Theatre. Crescent. Tickets here.

My Name Is

Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov is shot in a very real basement. A woman definitely jumps into icy depths from a very existent bridge – we think. Someone escapes a gruesone end, possibly?

By: Haste Theatre. Studio. Tickets here.

Right of Way

A semi-autobiographical piece that explores the intimate connection we have with powerful bodies of water, our heritage, and the women in our lives.

By: Beth Bowden. Cage. Tickets here.

The Yellow Traffic Light [FEATURE]

On that day, Grandpa Gerson woke up early to prepare a special meal for his beloved granddaughter arriving from the big town to visit the family. However, this encounter brings a generational and ideological clash, changing Gerson’s life forever.

By: Yellow Women Collective. Studio. Tickets here.

Week 6

Promotional inages for week 6 Vault Festival

Caligula and the Sea

A new devised play that examines themes of power, friendship and the environment. A fantastical, dramatic, gripping, and not-so-historically accurate retelling of the tales of the infamous young Roman emperor, Caligula.

By: Yuxuan Liu. Cavern. Tickets here.

Circus in a Bottle

An interactive and immersive live performance presented using digital and augmented reality. We follow ‘The Barker’, who with his miniature assistant, he recreates circus acts from bygone days.

By: Trajectory Theatre. Void. Tickets here.

Earth to Kurt

Kurt, 27, musician, a poet, and alive? Finding hinself stuck in the ‘Bad Fire Motel & Casino’, he is given a chance of redemption, but must journey through the endless rooms in pursuit of the Penthouse.

By: Volume Club. Studio. Tickets here.

Fruits, or the Decline of a Distant Memory

A dream-like experience inspired by fears and fuelled by hope – the fruitless attempts at finding love, embracing solitude and seeking acceptance.

By: TAKDAJA. Cavern. Tickets here.

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How To Catch a Bear

Based on writer/performer Carys’s own experience of living with sexual trauma, this is an animated gig-theatre show about survival and resilience.

By: Carys Wright. Studio. Tickets here.

In PurSUEt

‘Woman’ is sat in a therapist’s office. She’s been sent there to deal with her drink problem. But she doesn’t have a problem and she doesn’t need help. She just needs Sue Perkins.

By: Bush Productions/Eleanor Higgins. Network Theatre. Tickets here.

My Lover Was a Salmon in the Climate Apocalypse

Fin’s climate anxiety culminates in hin thinking he’s a salmon, onstage, whilst his girlfriend and bandmate look on in fishy horror. This could be a climate revolution.

By: Bradán. Pit. Tickets here.

No I.D.

Tatenda tells the story of his experience as a Black transgender immigrant in the UK. Tender, wacky, and a bit surreal, the show uses the music he wrote throughout his first year on testosterone, alongside letters, signatures, and a whole lot of paperwork.

By: Tatenda Shamiso. Network Theatre. Tickets here.

Promotional images for week 6 Vault Festival

Rat King

The workd is a big place that Kelly’s desperate to explore, so she’s preparing to run away. Jack is living on the streets, and when Kelly lands herself in trouble he comes to her rescue. They are catapulted into a journey that will change their lives forever.

By: Kryptonite Theatre Company. Cage. Tickets here.


Life’s moving too fast, and Sylvie’s doing all she can to keep up. As her inner world collides with the outside noise, she is faced with an unavoidable question – can she find the courage to switch off and slow down?

By: Bebe Sanders. Cage. Tickets here.

Someone of Significance

The show follows the relationship of Rose, a prominent left-wing politician, and Brad, the CEO of a multinational corporation, exploring the beliefs and structural barriers that keep us apart and the irresistible need for connection that brings us together.

By and at The Network Theatre. Tickets here.

Trash Salad

Join gorgeous clown Trash in her quest for connection: a genre-bending burlesque adventure using lip synch, striptease and song, on a mission to understand intimacy.

By: Rosa Garland. The Flair Ground. Tickets here.