VAULT 2023 picks – weeks 1 and 2

London’s largest Fringe festival is back for the first time since 2020. Showcasing 500 productions over 8 weeks, there should be something for everyone.

Over the next few days I will share my picks of the Festival, some of which will have their own features or reviews as the festival approaches and progresses.

Week 1

All in Good Time [FEATURE]

A celebration of divergent perspectives of time on stage – featuring movement; poetry; ADHD time-travel; projection; (optional) audience interaction, dodos, disco balls and whatever else we have time for.

By: The Not-God Complex. Studio. Tickets here.

All Falls Down

An interactive, improvised, storytelling show about a group of friends trying to make contact with civilisation, and survive a potentially otherworldly threat in the wilderness, after a plane crash.

By: Chronic Insanity. Void. Tickets here.

Bloody Mary: Live! [FEATURE]

Teen Queen Mary Tudor takes to the mic to rehab her “bloody” image. Bloody Mary tackles the drama every #queenager deals with: divorced parents, sibling rivalry and religious purges (…oops).

By: Part of the Main. The Flair Ground @ The Forge. Tickets here.

The Good Women [REVIEW]

In a country where they have been silenced, follow two women on their journey to discover their voices and fight for what they believe in.

By: The Good Women. Network Theatre, Tickets here.

Heroes [FEATURE]

One fateful day in East London, 18 year old Jonno’s world is changed forever when he finally comes face-to-face with the dad he’s always wanted.

By: Chakira Alin. Cage. Tickets here.

In Clay [REVIEW]

Combining jazz manouche with contemporary musical theatre, IN CLAY is a new one-woman musical; a story about near misses, unfulfilled potential, and the joy of creating art.

By: Design & Canvas Co. Cage. Tickets here.

Intruder [REVIEW]

Following his dream, Remi moves to Scotland to become an actor. Ugly and a vicious attack almost ruins his life… Shortlisted for Adrian Pagan Playwriting Award at the King’s Head Theatre, and on the final shortlist in the BBC Writersroom Drama.

By: Remi Rachuba. Network Theatre. Tickets here.


A verbatim reimagining of Shirley Clarke’s groundbreaking 1967 documentary Portrait of Jason, JASON brings to life the story of black, queer aspiring cabaret artist Jason Holiday.

By: Marcus Amaglo & The Goat Exchange. Crescent. Tickets here.

Mates: The Improvised 90s Sitcom

The one with the improvised comedy! Inspired by classic sitcoms such as Seinfeld, Frasier and Friends, could it BE any funnier? “Best Improv Show Edinburgh Fringe 2022” – Theatre Weekly.

By: Mates Improv. Network Theatre. Tickets here.

Preppers: A Sketch Show

Stuart & Matt are doomsday preppers, delighted to teach the audience about the dangers of the world and offer the chance to sign up to their militia and bunker.

By: Preppers. Basement @ Vaulty Towers. Tickets here.


Leith, Edinburgh. 1983. Sex worker Sheila Anderson’s murder has prompted Police Scotland to act. But will it prove impossible to bridge the gap between prostitute and police?

By: Pretty Knickers Productions. Pit. Tickets here.

You Shall Not Yass

Saddle your horses, gather your Fellowship and prepare to travel there and back again as Tolkein’s epic fantasy franchise gets a queer make-over from drag superstars HERR and ME.

By: HERR, ME and You. The Flair Ground @ The Forge. Tickets here.

Week 2

Around the World With Nellie Bly [REVIEW]

Join daring journalist Nellie Bly as she races to travel around the world in less than 80 days. A fast-paced adventure based on a true story!

By: Shedlight Stories. Cage. Tickets here.


When a crew of deep sea divers decommission an oil rig, they become stranded on the ocean floor. Pressure builds, and their grip on reality begins to fall away…

By: Lonely Dodo Productions. Pit. Tickets here.

The Dissent

Icarus, Ariadne and Phaedra are in hell. Literally. Now they are reuniting to smash the patriarchy for a second shot at life. Part of Generation V.

By: Themis Theatre. Studio. Tickets here.

Don’t Smoke in Bed [FEATURE]

When Jack returns home with a bloody face, he’s forced to confront a frightening reality he thought he was immune from. A cutting psychological drama about trauma, friendship and monsters.

By: Henry McDonald. Pit. Tickets here.

Going Deutsch [FEATURE]

Should you ever go back to someone, (or something), that almost destroyed you? What if they’re sorry? What if they say they’ve changed? What if they’re offering an EU passport?

By: Anna Clover. Cage Tickets here.

Post Sex Spagbol [PREVIOUS REVIEW]

What happens when you mix Krissy, an irresponsible ball of anxiety, with a classroom full of gullible teen girls? Part of Generation V.

By: Thistle & Rose Theatre. Studio. Tickets here.

Scratches [REVIEW]

Meet GIRL. She’s been hiding her scratches with long socks, clever white lies and period pads. But now she and her BEST FRIEND are here to set the record straight.

By: Plain Heroines. Cage. Tickets here.

The Silver Bell

A tale as old as time: boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy punches hole in universe to get boy back. Join Mico and James as they tell you their reality-bending story of love.

By: Alan Flanagan. Pit. Tickets here.

A Society [REVIEW]

Every man, deep down, knows he’s a worthless piece of shit: a play where the unconventional partnership of Virginia Woolf and Valerie Solanas dream of a world without patriarchy.

By: Network Theatre Company. Network Theatre. Tickets here.

Stacey and Rose

Stacey and Rose have been friends FOREVER.They’ve made a promise (a pinky promise) that this will never change. But best friends forever is a difficult promise to keep…

By: What’s The Tea? Studio. Tickets here.

Varnish [FEATURE]

It takes star quality to get adopted. And Jonathan Mayor has star quality. Finally, this prince of stage and screen is granting you, his fans, an audience..

By: Jonathan Mayor. Pit. Tickets here.

Walking Cats

Not able to visit home and family for three years, Zhaolin wonders whether you can recreate your hometown in London through family recipes, childhood memories, and the same summer weather?

By: Zhaolin Zhou. Network Theatre. Tickets here.