Camden Fringe review: You’re Alright

Sam Burkett writes, directs, choreographs, and co-stars in this story of friendship and slightly odd art presented in a highly physical form at Camden Fringe.

Charlie (Corrie McKenzie) is expecting a cosy catch-up with her best friend Andy, but instead finds herself stuck for an ever more cringeworthy night with his non-binary partner Sacha (Burkett).

As Sacha displays every annoying trait in the book (self-obsessed, vain, passionate about outrageously bad performance art), their personality grates on Charlie more and more. Awks.

The physical movement and choreography are stellar throughout, including McKenzie’s exaggerated facial expressions as she watches unspeakable moments on stage with sausages and sheep-masked men, and is dragged from one packed bar to another.

You can feel the hate almost fizzing from her as Sacha continues, oblivious, through a night Charlie calls “hell.” McKenzie’s boredom and resentment makes you smile, and we’ve all had to hide how we really feel about someone we “don’t hate, but strongly dislike. “

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Burkett – originally not planned as a performer before a necessary cast change made their participation necessary – has a strong and smooth stage presence as Sacha that works well with McKenzie’s couled spring.

Set in an empty black box setting, this is a raw and energetic show that gets incredibly close to the audience and feels fresh, funny, and frenetic. This is a brash comedic piece that explores the worst in people but comes out the other side.

You’re Alright is a show that fits exactly what fringe theatre is about. It’s dedicated, amusing, a little rough and ready, and original. I enjoyed its charm and immediacy, and I hope this isn’t the last we see of the show.

It finished at Camden People’s Theatre with this performance, but keep an eye on Sam Burkett’s Instagram or website for further news of the show and their work.


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