Lockdown review: Visitors

An audio ghost story for two people in a darkened living room, Visitors is Darkfield Radio’s second show. Sitting three metres apart with headphones on, the participants are pulled into a world of shocks and shivers as two visitors step, univited, into the house.

Some ideas I loved, like “how can the dead be frightened” or the sensation of hunger in the visitors whose earthly bodies are long gone. Two voices: one close, conspiring next to your ear; one distant, not quite clear.

I found this piece less satisfactory than Double, perhaps because there is very little guided interaction between the participants and the piece relies too heavily on the power of suggestion in its second half. I felt a promising idea ran out of steam quickly.

Give yourself into this adventure though, turn off your lights and shut the door, and if you have a ten-foot space to clear, sign up for Visitors. You’ll understand the ghosts who walk among us a bit more, jump in shock now and then, and pay a lot of attention to the beating of your own heart.

Darkfield have created an audio world which takes place, live, in your own head. It is what you make it, so put any reservations aside, do what you’re told, and remember, the Visitors can “pass through walls, but can’t open doors”.

Visitors plays from 6 October and tickets can be booked here.

LouReviews received complimentary access to review Visitors.