Lockdown review: Sex Tape (FringeArts)

One of the many shows available to view for free/optional donation, Sex Tape is a pieceof movement for two people representing a moment of intimacy.

Gabrielle Revlock choreographs, directs and performs in this piece (alongside Michele Tantoco). They are found in one room, on a cream rug, where their budding relationship evolves through the means of touch.

Through this pandemic, many of us have forgotten what it is like to reach out to another person, to hug and hold them. Revlock’s piece has been shortened and reworked to fit the needs of a digital audience, but still keeps the physical bond between two people at its core.

At one moment, they do talk, but we do not hear the conversation – instead the sounds we hear are of passing traffic, of the mundane and wordless. In the introduction to the piece, Revlock invites us to switch off our phones and close our eyes for a moment, to connect with deeper feelings and memories.

This is a beautiful piece of choreography where each movement means something, each connection enhances this growing level of touch – hand to foot, heads grazing, knees, hair, shoulders, finger to the curves of an ear.

I found it a touching piece not just in recalling a real-life encounter but in highlighting the power of a way of communicating currently closed to many of us.

Sex Tape can be booked through the FringeArts website and remains available until 4 October.