Lockdown review: Double – Darkfield Radio

A twenty minute audio experience for two people, Double a psychological puzzle set in any normal kitchen, against any normal kitchen table.

A pair sit facing each other, with headphones on, eyes closed. Each has a glass of water on their right. Their phones are face-down.

Darkfield has previously run immersive events in small pop-up spaces like shipping crates, for a limited number of audience members. Double, their first virtual show accessed via a phone app, is for an intimate audience of two at home.

Darkfield Radio

The assumption is that the audience pair are partners, but this does not have to be the case. Any two people in the same room and the same space, wearing headphones and with their eyes closed, will do.

Double has both artificial and real voices, and the surround sound is disturbingly realistic at times. Is there somebody out there? What is really going on?

With eyes closed, our powers of recall are not as sharp: what colour are our partner’s eyes, and what is in that gap next to the kettle? Items being dropped, a buzzing fly, a muffled piece of music which comes to life.

Logo for Darkfield Radio

Whether the central conceit of Double comes off, about doppelgangers and misremembered blemishes, and whether everyone is who they want to be, seems as if it doesn’t matter too much.

An unsettling experience (for me at least – my partner found the sound and darkness gave a similar effect to mindfulness and meditation and went to sleep!), Double is a creative aural adventure which repays your concentration with the requisite shivers.

Double continues until the 26 September and tickets can be booked here at a cost of £10 for two device codes.

LouReviews received complimentary access to review Double.