Review: Jonny Feathers the Rock ‘n’ Roll Pigeon

Jonny Feathers is back on tour after a successful run at the Park Theatre in the summer; this time he’s just a stone’s throw from the Hammersmith Apollo, at the Riverside Studios.

Written by Martin Murphy (check out our interview here), and directed by Matt Borgatti, this is a charming and energetic three-person show in which the animals of Camden Town help Jonny find his lost guitar.

With a fox, toad, snail, and badger offering their services, there’s a magical anthropomorphism as well as an exploration of friendship in this fresh and funny fable.

Performers Lauson Kenyon (shaking his tail feathers as Jonny himself), Sophie Earl (Vicky the Vixen and bassist), and Lucy Yates (Basher the Badger and drummer) are all on top form.

Our performance was sparsely attended but no matter – we all got in the spirit of clapping, flapping, and singing along. What little rebel, young or old, can resist getting their air guitar on?

With wildly inventive puppet work (designed and made by Valeriya Voronkina), exemplary musicianship, and a generous spray of bubbles, Jonny Feathers may be your perfect anecdote to the traditional panto.

Songs by Murphy and Mary Erskin fit well in Rex Horan’s sound design, while David Duffy’s lighting reaches the heights of the rock gig and depths of the Camden canal. Chloe Douglass’s artwork, part sweaty gig, part street art, completes the picture.

Our intrepid feathered friend is in town until 8 January 2023: tickets here.

At just 50 minutes, you could fit in around shopping at Ikea or visiting other family shows in the neighbourhood. Do not miss.


Image credit: Harry Elletson