Edinburgh Fringe digital review: The Late Harness Rebellion

Tamás Milhofer brings his show The Late Harness Rebellion to the dogital strand of the Edinburgh Fringe with the collaboration of Unmuted Participants.

A comedy, storytelling piece delivered straight to camera by Milhofer, which is fully captioned. This is a story of personal issues and emotions, with occasional mature themes across its forty-three minutes.

With staric backdrops indicating time and location, we move through the life of a boy with negativity about his body image and what people thought of him.

This is a story about self-worth, loneliness, anxiety, cultural comfort zones, and more. It is a very real picture of those little niggles we get in our heads – our seeds of doubt.

Promotional image from The Late Harness Rrbellion

With costume changes snd the recollection of conversations and situations both real and imagined, we get a glimpse into Milhofer’s world.

He has quite a dry delivery for someone doing a comedy show, so this isn’t as funny as it could be, but he is a likeable performer who does display an awareness of his own awkwardness.

It’s all rather charming, really.

The Late Harness Rebellion is available on-demand during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe via C Arts: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/late-harness-rebellion.