Edinburgh Fringe digital review: Ordinary

Ezgi Gün Ünal from Turkey has developed a twenty-minute piece for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year. As both creator and perfotmer she creates a strong connection through movenent and mime.

A “modern pantomime solo show depicting all the parts of human life”, Ordinary is characterised by one dancer, a practically bare stage with both wide shots and close-ups, and staccato percussion rhythms which reach into more playful orchestral and piano pieces, and at some points, silence.

Promotional photo for Ordinary

Life is often full of repetition and custom; occasionally a surprise or two. Both sound and vision are exemplary in this online piece (accessible via Vimeo). It gives a sense of immediacy as an audience member at home.

I felti nvested in this character and her short stories through life; caring about her journey and where it might take her. This is a short piece but achieves a remarkable depth in its depiction of a woman’s emotional and physical maturity.

You can view Ordinary throughout the Edinburgh Fringe: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/ordinary (5-28 August, on-demand).

For more on Ezgi Gün Ünal go to her website.