Puncture the Screen: Keep The Lights On

Kill The Cat’s live stream comes to YouTube on-demand in a forty minute work in progress piece as part of Puncture the Screen which is a matrix based game to “turn off the lights” of the performance space.

“A live hybrid interactive piece exploring the environmental cost of the internet, where the online & in-person audiences fight for control. The online audience controls the show’s electricity supply, whilst the in-person audience battle to keep the lights on or experience the show entirely in darkness.”

Codes, chat and polls combine to get the show moving as participants “join the Phoebus cartel”. There’s a real-life audience as well as the one on Zoom to give the piece some immediacy.

Playing like an elementary school show with performers furiously pedalling on bicycles, enthusiastic presenters directing proceedings and imparting information and electricity, Keep The Lights On gets the audience involved at every turn.

The battle in real-time is interesting to watch, and you will definitely learn something about how climate change, energy-saving, artificial light, carbon footprints and more. This is about being bold, being interactive, and being challenging.

Co-directed and performed by Dylan Frankland and Madeleine Allardice, this show plays with digital forms, audience expectations, and a little bit of science with a social conscience.

Tickets available here to watch on-demand until the end of the month.