Written on the Waves: Lem N Ginge – The Princess of Kakos

Part of 45North’s series of audio dramas, Written on the Waves, this four-part comedy is the work of Ell Potter and Mary Higgins, the writing duo who created Hotter and Fitter for the stage. As circumstances dictated a change of direction, they turned to the development of Lem N Ginge

Set in a mythical land where the princess has lost her voice, the newly named duo (titled after a popular cure for a sore throat), Potter and Higgins are joined by a third cast member for the first time in their career, with narrator Sharon D Clarke offering plenty of snip and snark as she recaps each episode and interjects along the way. 

Promotional image for Lem N Ginge

With clear influences from Alice in Wonderland and the fairy tales of Angela Carter, Lem N Ginge mixes music, a bawdy script, and a sense of fun in their tale of two unemployed actors thrown into a queer comic quest. 

This show is very lively, fun and brings a whole bonkers universe to our attention. With Potter and Higgins performing every other role than narrator, they bring a hugely entertaining and expressive tale to life utilising camp amphibians, hot air balloons, and even a pastiche inspired by the teenage delinquents of West Side Story

The episode titles may give a flavour of what to expect: Now bugger off!; Testicle tree; We got woke; and It was me. As our heroines stumble into a quest which might be slightly better than kicking their heels in theatre lockdown, any pretence of taking themselves seriously gets now just ignored, but firmly trampled underfoot. 

There are laugh-out loud moments aplenty in this clever quartet of twisted fairy tales, where the ending seems as unlikely as the opening, and where anything can happen in-between in this chaotic romp. 

You can listen to Lem N Ginge and the other audio plays in the Written on the Waves series here (listen for free). 

A second series starts on 27 May with a new piece released every two weeks until August.