Lockdown review: We Need a Little Christmas

A concert of music (both religious and secular) coming to stream.theatre for the festive season, We Need a Little Christmas comes from St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden with a cast of theatre royalty, new faces, and representation from social media and reality television.

Filmed earlier in the month, we see the space fully utilised to present huge show numbers and small intimate pieces. There is one reading from Simon Callow (Dickens, of course, but not about Scrooge), but the songs and the music is what matters.

Sally Ann Triplett, Max and Grace Milner in We Need a Little Christmas

Without the familiar carols – the only concession is Christina Allado’s Silent Night – this concert instead takes care to present both popular Christmas perennials and more unusual pieces.

Cassidy Janson channels both Monroe and Eartha Kitt in her cheeky Santa Baby, David Bedella marks 75 years of world war liberation with I’ll Be Home for Christmas, while Sharon Rose delivers a powerful Mary, Did You Know. The balance is refreshing.

Promoted as “a festive tonic needed in a season of Tiers”, this concert delivers both smiles and retrospection. The church setting – just a handful of performances are streamed in from elsewhere – is beautifully lit and decorated with tree, presents, and icons.

Cassidy Janson in We Need a Little Christmas

The power of the gospel choir sits alongside the lockdown rise of “Cheer Up Charlie”, and The Vivienne from Ru Paul’s Drag Race gets her moment in the spotlight. This concert celebrates the community spirit, the end of a harsh year, and the Glory of God.

With the likes of Kevin Clifton, Lee Mead, Dom Hartley-Harris, Brenda Edwards (a glorious O Holy Night), and Sally Ann Triplett (in a trio with her children Max and Grace Milner), there is something for all.

Sharon Rose in We Need a Little Christmas

Directed by Michael Strassen and produced by Ginger Quiff Media and Guy Chapman, this is a hearty bowl of punch you will not want to miss.

Book your ticket to watch on stream.theatre from 20 December to New Year’s Day at http://www.stream.theatre/. Tickets are £20 (single) or £30 (family), of which a proportion goes to support Shelter and Crisis.

Image credit: Bonnie Britain Photography.

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