Lockdown review: Girl Power

The seven ladies from SIX and The Reunion come back together one more time in this explosion of Girl Power for Thespie. This time you can join Aimee, Alexia, Grace, Jarneia, Maiya, Millie and Natalie as they share numbers from The Shirelles to Little Mix, celebrating the girl group phonenemon through the decades.

As this is a filmed concert, without a live audience, the filming is a bit more interesting than a static couple of camera shots. Lady Marmalade in particular showcases the seven in corset tops and ripped jeans with bags of attitude.

Cast of Girl Power

One of the hallmarks of this Reunited series of concerts is the moments of interview/chat, and here the cast are asked to describe each other and offer some observations on sexuality and body image. The professional and personal affection for each other is clear.

Girl Power is nothing new: feminism began as far back as girl groups. Where the influence of SIX has been important is in empowering the maligned Tudor queens it depicts, and in developing them (and the performers who play them) as an influencial sisterhood.

Cast of Girl Power

It has also given us the bite-size West End show as SIX runs around 70 minutes; Girl Power is 39 minutes, so is a bite-size concert for modern social media watchers with short attention spans. However, it is a good one with some fine performances and a lot of sisterly camaderie, nicely done.

You can purchase access to Girl Power at https://thespie.com/digital/girl-power-thespie/2668 from £15 for 72 hours access. You can also purchase all four Reunited concerts (including Oops! I Streamed It Again) together at the same link.

Images courtesy of Thespie.

LouReviews received complimentary access to review Girl Power.