Review: Malevo (Peacock Theatre)

The pulsating drums and thundering feet of the Argentinan powerhouse Malevo has its UK debut this week in a thrilling and sensational 90 minute show.

Augmented by lighting, a four-piece band, and a truly modern take on the world of gauchos, cowboys and rivalries, this all-male outfit bring rhythm and a heady dose of testosterone into the capital.

This celebration of Argentian culture and movement is assembled and directed by Matias Jaime and builds on the company’s popularity on America’s Got Talent and beyond.

Production photo of Malevo

Using boleadoras (a throwing weapon weighted on either end with rocks) to create beautiful and challenging patterns, or stomping to the beat of the bombos, the loud and vibrant percussion that captures the beat of the malembo dance.

With a sense of gang rivalry that complements the likes of West Side Story and carefully choreographed moves that may be the Latin cousin to the English Morris, Malevo bring a sense of provocative passion and sensational skill to the stage.

Displays of solo prowess and bravado elicit shoutouts and whoops from performers and audience alike – this is a crowd-pleaser which keeps up the high energy throughout.

Production photo of Malevo

The dancing drummers only have a couple of brief breaks where the musicians play the likes of “Yesterday” and”Paint It Black”, the latter being a perfect fit in tone and attitude to Malevo‘s dark-clad men.

Think Stomp fused with flamenco, with a dash of Riverdance and a cheeky slice of Chippendale, but with respect for the traditional roots of Argentine cultural history. Your heart may race, your eyes may pop, you’ll marvel at the timing and enthusiasm of the 13 dancers.

Malevo is at the Peacock Theatre until 4 Nov – more details here.


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