Digital review: THROAT (web series by Chekhov’s Gum)

From the new work comedy production company who recently had a hit with Crap Ballet at the Edinburgh Fringe, THROAT takes aim at the culture of company start-ups in the tech space.

Running around 25 minutes in total through five episodes, THROAT comes across as a more manic and miniature version of The Apprentice as David DeRuiter and Lil Wenker work on developing their app, which matches on voice notes, not visuals.

Along the way, we meet other tech nerds and some utter weirdos who send THROAT in a rather odd direction. There are some really great ideas here, with pot shots at the corporate world and jargon. It is often very funny, although the sound quality is variable.

Anyone who has been in the dreaded away days or attended product launches will find much to enjoy here while appreciating the effort to show how the best ideas can implode.

Chekhov’s Gum set out to “shake you” and “burst your bubble” through innovative and offbeat work. In THROAT they have created a work that is well-produced and amusing in the Michael Spicer mode.

You can check out THROAT now on the company’s YouTube channel, and read more about Chekhov’s Gum and their earlier work on their website.


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