Plays from the cheap seats 2

Today’s “cheap seats” post is a corker, looking at the discounted options available on sites other than the venue or show’s official one.

I always recommend shopping around, but with the caveat that some ticketing sites will mark up the original price quite a bit. Best to compare a couple of places to be sure.

Show and venue:

untitled f**k m**s saigon play at the Young Vic


E 84 £17.50 (TodayTix)


This is a Zone A seat selling on the Young Vic’s website at £50.


With only a few rows around the stage, I hoped for a good view. The seats are padded benches (with backs) so fairly comfortable.


A really good deal. A clear view, and because the seat was positioned at an angle, the one next to it was not numbered or sold (if it had, the legroom would be significantly reduced).

How I felt:

Very pleased with this one, proving it pays to shop around, especially if you have some knowledge of the venue and how it is configured if it changes for each show.

No action was missed from this seat and it gave a very good close-up view of the actors. There was no problem with the sound, either.

Today Tix is often a gamble for cheaper tickets if you are looking at West End venues, but for this one it gets a definite thumbs up.


Here is a snap from before the show started. You can see there are walkways by which the actors enter and leave the action – also there was a clear view of the narrator as she moved around the downstairs space.

Next time, Hamnet in the West End and an upper circle view.

What do you think?

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