Edinburgh Fringe digital review: Mr Fox

Remember the story of Mr Fox, who banned people from one mysterious room in his house because he was hiding a grisly secret?

Polis Louzou brought his solo show to Edinburgh Fringe to this year, and now you can watch in digital form, free on YouTube.

As fallen aristocrat Lord Leander is caught in a lie, he tries to discredit Lady Mary, his former research assistant, by victim and slut shaming.

The classic ‘it’s not my fault’ defence of the predator is placed with the frame of the traditional folk tale in this 45 minute show.

Visited by a true crime blogger who wishes to investigate the truth, Louzou’s sadistic antihero tells his tale with a pervasive and perverse style.

Production photo of Mr Fox

Those familiar with the original story may miss the refrain, which punctuates the accusations, but this contemporary take dips into the #MeToo movement and the legal system that favours the hunter, not the hunted.

In telling the story of Mr Fox, the character of the sexual predator feels more palatable as the story is told in a way that makes the audience uncomfortable conspirators.

A dark tale with a serious spin, Mr Fox is simply shot with one camera and no variety in angles, but captures the claustrophia of a small stage framed in spotlight and shadow.

Louzou’s ability to spin a yarn makes the most of the creepy and disturbing elements of the story, while making it completely relevant to today’s headlines.

Watch Mr Fox here:

You can see another show from Louzou, I Was A Teenage Bisexual at Grimfest 2023 on 21-22 Oct: tickets here.


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