Edinburgh Fringe digital review: InsightsDigital

Insights Platforms present seven short performances by international emerging artists from different subgenres of the performing arts.

The line-up is Kristina Hanses aka KEJH New Self, Malcolm Sutherland In Absentia, Mimi Harmer VV (Viva), Clodagh Delahunty-Forrest Raising My Body, Anna Hulth In Layers of Grief, Angeliki Nikolopoulou Tomorrow I Will Get Up Again and Tomo Sone Cassandra’s Field of Flowers.

It is a wonderful celebration of diversity in tone and skill from a set of fringe performers whose work sits well together.

Movement and music, virtual reality and dance, and a real sense of engagement and creation with the digital form.

The overall theme that ties the pieces together appears to be hope for the future, and a sense of acceptance of the present.

Promotional image for Insights Digital

There is a beauty to the images that connects all seven films, a safe place to experiment with what digital work can provide.

Whether communicated by prayer, invitation, music, or the language of the body, the work in InsightsDigital is always intriguing and rarely misses.

Each piece can easily stand on its own and all have their own unique value, exploring what can be achieved by emerging solo artists within the scope of a few minutes work.

For Sutherland, Harmer and Delahunty-Forrest, the voice is an important part of their work – for Nikolopoulou it is music, for Sone it is animation and a sense of the unreal.

In the work of KEJH and Hulth, the imagery takes precedence, although other elements are important. Taken together, these seven offer a different, quieter, perspective to what Fringe may mean.

You can view the InsightsDigital showcase until 28 Aug with tickets here.


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