Edinburgh Fringe digital review: Dibubuísmos

Part of the Voices from the South showcase at Edinburgh Fringe, Dibubuísmos is a solo performance by Marise Maués (Brazil).

It is a video-oriented dance piece about a woman who throws herself into the river and swims while her spirit floats.

Produced by São Paulo International Theatre Festival (MITsp), this production showcases exceptional video work alongside real locations and a hypnotic score of sounds and restrained piano.

The concept of Dibubuísmo comes from the poet Paes Loureiro: where the body floats and the spirit works in its daydreams. For Maués, the river chosen is the Pará Amazon.

In Pará, a largely populated area of Brazil, and the country’s main emitter of harmful CO2, there are plans to achieve a carbon-neutral state and to halt the devastation caused by the destruction of native forests and vegetation.

Promotional image for Dibubuísmos

In Dibubuísmos, we see detritus from trees surrounding Maués as she floats, set against the lush green of remaining forest.

It is a harsh beauty and a wake-up call for changing climates – both a love for what is there and a warning for what may be lost.

At just over half an hour, this meditative piece gives out a sense of calm while recognising the harm humanity has caused to nature, upsetting the natural balance.

With a strong visual narrative, Maués explores the political and cultural aspects of Pará through her work, and Dibubuísmos is an accessible example in which she becomes one with the world around her.

An intriguing piece of film, Dibubuísmos is available to view during the Edinburgh Fringe with tickets here.

For more on Marise Maués go here.


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