Edinburgh Fringe digital review: Música Verde/Green Music

Part of the Voices from the South showcase of fifteen new online performances from Brazil, India, Mexico, and South Africa, Amanda Tovalin’s Música Verde, is from independent theatre space La Teatreria in Mexico.

Tovalin is a singer, songwriter, violinist, and producer from Mexico City. In Música Verde, her Latin American style fused with jazz, folk, and soul proves an inspiring mix.

This is a 28-minute showcase of songs connected to the land and landscapes around our cities, the nature and green oases we need to survive.

Clearly inspired by how we (specifically city dwellers) view the world around us, Tovalin’s music directly addresses the quiet power of flora, fauna and the natural world.

The work is subtitled in a number of languages, but even if you can not follow the lyrics, the message comes through, and this is an accomplished showcase from an assured performer.

Promotional image for Musica Verde

This concert is a ‘live looping concert’, where the rhythms and melodies overlap with each other to create a creative and unique set of sounds. It’s something that captures the interest as curious juxtapositions of themes and tunes.

The idea behind the purely digital showcase from the ‘Global South’ (a grouping of countries along the lines of socio-economic characteristics) came out of the pandemic, and allows artists to transcend geographical, financial, language and access barriers.

By offering greater visibility to these artists, the Fringe also explores and supports alternative ways of delivering content through formats that not only help artists but also a wider global audience able to consume shows on demand.

The production values throughout this short concert are excellent, and I look forward to sampling other shows from the showcase this Fringe.

You can view Música Verde throughout the Edinburgh Fringe with tickets here.


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