As You Will (Little Shakespeare Festival, online)

Improvised Shakespeare, title provided by the audience (Julius McHamlet on this occasion), language, plot and characters performed by As You Will, a troupe of four.

In just under an hour, this takes aim at all the three tragedies pulled together and torn apart and moves at breakneck speed. The performers (David Crozier, Zev Hurwich, Mike Luca, and Conor D Mullen) have strong chemistry and personalities.

What little survived of the original plays was quickly forgotten for sheer silliness and made for an enjoyable viewing of comedians playing with their craft and clearly enjoying it!

Whether it is a protracted search for relief, a mimed swordfight, a new way to wear glasses, or a blended family complication, you will find it in Julius McHamlet.

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Bringing a “new” comedy to the stage for one night only, this troupe make Julius McHamlet immortal for just one night, as the bodies fall, the misunderstandings mount, and the odd scholarly aside places matters in context.

Presented as part of Frigid New York’s Little Shakespeare Festival, As You Will fits in with the theme of celebrating ot centring gender diversity in the Bard, bringing female roles to the fore and bending the gender of those in the lead.

Curated by Conor Mullen, the festival makes a strong start with this production, and I look forward to enjoying the other streams in the series. Of course, if you are in New York, live shows are available.

The Little Shakespeare Festival runs until 19 Aug with tickets here.


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