Camden Fringe review: Maybe I Do …?

Carmen is about to marry Steve Stevens. Over Zoom. He’s in prison for something in which she was involved by mistake – but does she really love him?

In Cova Camblor’s one-woman show, Maybe I Do …?, we stand with Carmen as she prepares for the big moment, while telling us about her amorous adventures in England.

It’s a manic, fast-paced performance which is funny but which could do with taking time for the jokes to breathe. Camblor gives a fine physical comedy performance carried by clever wordplay and gentle Brit joshing.

The language barrier looms large with text-speak and English idioms like “Bob’s your uncle” being blithely misunderstood. Clearly, though, these lead to situations that aren’t so good for Carmen – an au pair arrangement, a What’s App chat based on lust.

Production photo for Maybe I Do

Director Anca Vaida gives Maybe I Do …? a strong sense of space and allows Camblor”s performance to shine through. The constantly apologetic Brit and the sexy Senorita are both lampooned in a way that shows a writer’s understanding of both cultures.

Of course, Brexit makes an appearance (“all those Brits taking our (Europeans) jobs!”) as well as how immigrants are treated in low-level jobs.

With a strong, exaggerated Spanish accent, Carmen’s vocal gymnastics are often so thick that it took about four mentions before I realised her online beau was called Stuart Smith, and inevitably some nuances of the script are lost.

Camblor gives a likeable performance throughout, but I felt this 45-minute show could comfortably run ten minutes longer with the pace reigned in. The end twist, though amusing, feels a little weak against the rest of the show.

Maybe I Do …? is a show that will make you smile, and you can catch it in further Camden Fringe performances at the Rosemary Branch Theatre on 4-5 Aug: tickets here.


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