Film review: Remixed /Heightened (Dances With Films 26)

Remixed is a 23-minute family drama that looks as how middle-aged people might tackle a bucket list set for a carefree twenty-something.

As three friends reconnect with their pasts through a set of burned CDs left 13-years earlier by their dead pal, they realise what is good about themselves.

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Liz (Lauren Leon, who is also co-writer with her husband Frank), Aubrey (Emily Bolcik) and Isaac (Jose Duran) are strongly believable as childhood friends.

As this is a TV pilot, it has lots of series potential for further plots to bring the three together, and as such makes an impressive start.

Remixed was seen at Dances With Films 26.


Heightened is a film written and directed by Sara Friedman, and focuses on Nora as she recovers from a mental breakdown.

After a slightly shaky start, it settles into a buddy movie where Nora makes a friend of her colleague in voluntary park service, Dusty.

As her OCD settles and her guard against people slowly comes down, Heightened displays a lot of charm through the performances of Friedman as Nora and Dave Register as Dusty.

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As the two support each other, this light comedy does its best to tackle issues around psychological turmoil, but suffers a bit from the stereotypical supporting characters, including the park boss, Mitch, and Nora’s mother.

Mostly presented as a two-hander, Heightened has great locations and a sense of humour, which presents Nora and Dusty as fully-rounded humans beyond their problems.

Very watchable, this film was seen at Dances With Films 26 and continues on the festival circuit.


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