Digital review: Dinosaur on the Moon (National Women’s Theatre Festival)

Devised and performed by Abi Walls, Ariel Fay Gray, Dillon Heape, Natalie Kane, and Sandy Lam, Dinosaur on the Moon is “a devised, multidisciplinary, transmedia theatrical experiment exploring the relationships between ourselves, our pasts, and our futures”.

Past and Future converse; figures from different times materialise. Are we really that different as we look back and forward?

This show by Jurassic Satellite looks at emerging mythologies and ideas. What is the future? What is the meaning of compassion, gender, society?

As it is captioned, any issues with the sound (for digital streaming) can be quickly overcome, but one performer in particular is hard to hear throughout and the sound balance may need to be considered in future productions.

Promotional image for Dinosaur on the Moon

Dinosaur on the Moon can come across as a bit preachy at times, but it includes some sage and strong moments we might all consider when looking forward to the world future generations might enjoy or experience.

Utilising a Zoom call as part of one scene sadly doesn’t work that well on a small screen (i cast to the TV and still couldn’t read the captions or character names – let the camera capturing the show move in, think of all your audience!

Ultimately, I found Dinosaur on the Moon hard to connect to as an on-demand production, although it has some good moments and a strong sense of physical space on stage.

I appreciate it is an experimental piece and applaud its scripting, performances, and ideas. It needs a little more work to not only succeed as a ‘transmedia’ piece in person but also as an online show.

For more on the National Women’s Theatre Festival go to their website.