Film review: Glue Trap (Dances With Films 26)

When a couple choose an idyllic getaway for space and reflection, they don’t expect to be joined by a stranger.

An interesting film written and directed by Justin Geldzahler which goes in all kinds of twists and turns as a couple having bad times together try to find peace and a new start at a friend’s cabin.

KJ (Brittany Bradford) and Dan (Isaac Jay) are at first having a great time, but when the mysterious Eliza (Gloria Bangiola) arrives, being the most annoying third wheel of all time, things start to take a more mysterious and sinister turn.

The ending, though, is a bit bizarre and over the top, and although this is comedy-horror, it doesn’t quite work out and lessens the mood which had been building up throughout the rest of the film, including entrapment, racism, coercive control, and, of course, the old trope of the house in .the middle of nowhere.

Promotional image for Glue Trap

There’s a good use of classic pop songs in the soundtrack, while several of the shots are inspired and Bradford’s performance as a simmering study of resentment is excellent while being completely believable as the story comes to a close.

Glue Trap has its moments, but feels just a bit too forced at times and although it fits nicely in the area of stranger danger and familial danger, it doesn’t quite get there because of the depiction of the cuckoo in the nest.

Glue Trap is showing as part of the Dances With Films 26 festival on 29 Jun at TCL Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles: tickets here.