Digital review: A Scar is Born (AIFF/TTS)

Lorelei Zarifian’s “stand-up tragedy” A Scar is Born runs a crisp half an hour and features a monologue from a play of twice the length.

Born to a jeweller and a psychiatric nurse, Zarifian’s life was both terrible and charmed, being brought up with gemstones and poetry (“the jewel of language”).

Dressed in black against a plain background, this performance is in the form of a direct address to the audience and not the camera, filmed in medium shot with excellent sound.

This is a celebration of words and communication. Performed in full at this year’s Vault Festival, Zarifian’s piece is about an audition by a misfit, punctuated with songs with her own lyrics to music composed by Benoit Menut.

Promotional image for A Scar is Born

Taking us from Marseille to New York, the songs are little gems of storytelling and recitative. A lovely little performance from a gifted actress.

Brief character sketches are presented with skill, without falling too much into pastiche and with a sense of colour. It makes the piece accessible with a sense of humour.

A Scar is Born has an edgy and wide-ranging feel with a real sense of the language behind it. I came away from this digital showcase wanting to see the whole thing, which I hope we have a chance to soon.

More on the show here. You can watch it now as part of the Alabama International Fringe Festival on Thornhill Theatre Space’s YouTube channel.


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