May (and early June) picks at the Brighton Fringe

This year’s Brighton Fringe is set to be the biggest fringe festival in England, with 800 shows available across the town, plus a small digital offering.

Here are some of my picks from the festival, which runs from 5 May to 4 Jun. 45 shows across the programme for you to explore and enjoy.

You can also check out my interviews/previews for the following shows:

And The Summer Shall Follow

Blue Blood, or How to Kill Your Way to the Top

Chopped Liver & Unions


Experiment Human

Life Learnings of a Nonsensical Human


My First Time Was In A Car Park


Interviews at Brighton Fringe

Check out the full programme here.

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Anna & Marina (Brighton Theatre)

5-6 May, Latest Music Bar -a historic drama for today.

Baby Dinosaur (Dave Bibby)

13 & 20 May, The Caxton Arms – horror comedy set in Jurassic Park

Bed (TKO Productions)

2-4 Jun, The Rotunda Theatre: Bubble – playful, pocket-sprung musical

Britney’s Peers (Ding for Disco)

8-20 May, The Actors-Theatre – ‘A Doll’s House’ with a noughties teen movie makeover

Call Me Daddy: The Musical

22-23 May, Ironworks Studios – dark comedy musical

A Caravan Named Desire (Split Infinitive)

30 May – 3 Jun, The Rotunda Theatre: Squeak – explores desire and sex work in the UK through interactive performance

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A Couple of Swells (Lemon Squeeze Productions)

5 & 12 May, Laughing Horse @ The Walrus – male impersonators Vesta Tilley and Hetty King come back to share their stories with you

Destiny (Florence Espeut-Nickless)

5-8 May, The Rotunda Theatre: Bubble – monologue about a teenage girl growing up on a Wiltshire council estate

Dietrich & Hartshorne (Patricia Hartshorne)

12-14,19-21,26-28 May, 2-4 Jun, New Steine Hotel – Bar and Bistro – solo cabaret with songs and repartee

Dizney in Drag (The Hairy Godmothers Inc)

5-8, 11-14 May, Brighton Spiegeltent – an elephant’s graveyard of adult fantasies and fairytale follies

Don’t Rock The Boat (Louis Cavalier)

6-8 May, The Rotunda Theatre: Squeak – friendship in a rehabilitation centre

Dry & High

5, 8-10 May, Presuming Ed’s, The Caxton Arms – stand-up comedy about the ebb and flow of life in your 40s

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Eternity’s Gate (Joseph Winder)

22-24 May, Caravanserai Brighton: Junk Poets – a new solo show about the life and death of Vincent Van Gogh

Fisherman Jon: What’s On The End Of My Rod? (Coral Bevan)

20 May, 3 Jun, Laughing Horse @ The Walrus – a drag clown odyssey

Flamenco Raíces (Lourdes Fernandes Flamenco Co)

29 May, Komedia Main Space – the show aims to universalise flamenco

Glad To Be Dead? (MIM Theatre)

22-24 May, R-Bar – monologues from beyond the grave

Godz (Head First Acrobats)

22 May – 3 Jun, Brighton Spiegeltent – a hedonistic dive head-first into the lives of the ancient Gods of Olympus

Headache (Tanieth Kerr)

8-10 May, The Actors-Theatre – play exploring family, loss, brain injury, the mortality of parents, and the courage to go to karaoke

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Homophobia on the Orient Express (Olly Olly)

11-12 May, The Actors-Theatre – comical mystery drama highlighting some important issues in the LGBTQ community

HóPe (Giullianna Martinez)

30-31 May, 2-3 Jun, The Lantern @ ACT – one-woman show on illness and oppression

I Was Kinda The Bad Guy

20-21, 29-30 May, Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant – what would you do if you were the villain in someone else’s story

If They Could See Me Now: The Words And Music Of Dorothy Fields (Suzanne Noble & Paul Maguire)

18-19 May, The Actors – Theatre – a warm musical celebrating the Great American Songbook

Illusionati: A Magical Experience (The Great Baldini)

29 May – 4 Jun, Laughing Horse @ The Walrus – imagine Tommy Cooper meets Blofeld

The Importance of Being Earnest as performed by Three F*cking Queens and a Duck (Out Cast Theatre)

9-13 May, The Rotunda – the filthiest farce at the fringe

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John Callaghan’s Cabaret Electro

16 May, Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco – blurring the lines between music and artistic performance

The Loop (Mind Fog Theatre)

5-7,11-12 May, The Lantern @ ACT – autobiographical dramatic piece on living with OCD

Lord God (The Foundry Group)

19-21 May, Lionhouse – 1920s-set comedy musical as God takes a holiday

La Maupin (Fantastic Garlands)

12 & 14 May, The Actors-Theatre- LGBTQ, folk-punk musical

Miss Margarida’s Way (5Go Theatre Company)

2-4 Jun, The Actors – Theatre – darkly hilarious satire on dictatorship

A Night With Ross Feratu & Friends (Lee Brace)

6,18,20,26 May, 3 Jun, The Caxton Arms – an hour of madness, merriment, music and moaning!

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Nutshells (Yellow Brick Theatre)

6-7,13-14 May, Laughing Horse @ The Temple Bar – a delectable mix of beat poetry, theatre and song

Persephone (Ami Sayers, Mollie Semple and Abi Smith)

16-21 May, The Rotunda Theatre: Bubble – queer re-imagining of the Greek myth

Police Cops in Space (Police Cops)

5-7 May, Caravanserai Brighton: Luna Parc – sci-fi comedy blockbuster

Praise Kink (Billie Gold)

19-21 May, Ironworks Studios – from the mind of a lesbian ex-sex worker, now a drag performer, a fast, wild and exciting look at the world

Rambunctious Scallywag (Farrah Alice Black)

17-21 May, 3-4 Jun, Caravanserai Brighton: Junk Poets – a joyful journey through the quarter-life crisis of a 24 year old

Scruffy (Sugar Theatre)

12-14 May, The Caxton Arms – poetry, gymnastics, and even an Avril Lagigne tribute act

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Sex, Lies & Improvisation (Between Us Improv)

27-28 May, Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick – a black comedy about lying together

60 Minutes of Mood Swings (OnTheNose Productions)

25-27 May, The Rotunda Theatre: Bubble – feminist comedy musical

Sons (Concept Theatre)

18-19 May, Caravanserai Brighton: Junk Poets – an exploration of masculinity and men’s violence against women

The Streets of London (Wooden Stick Theatre)

11-14,20-21,27-28 May, The Rotunda Theatre: Squeak – addressing addiction and homelessness

Surfing the Holyland (Slackline Productions)

1-4 Jun, Caravanserai Brighton: Junk Poets – a fast-paced solo show on female empowerment

Toy Stories (Menagerie Theatre Company)

16-21 May, Brighton Toy and Model Museum – part stand-up comedy, part performance lecture

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Unwanted Objects (David Head & Matt Glover)

5-8 May, The Rotunda Theatre: Squeak – a new story and song show

Who Is No 1? (The Foundry Group)

8-9 May, Latest Music Bar – comedy play about the making of The Prisoner TV series

Wildcat’s Last Waltz (Joshua Welch)

18-21 May, The Rotunda – a raucously funny drag comedy

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