Review: La Voix – Eighth Wonder of the World (Lyric Theatre)

La Voix, eighth wonder of the world (behind the Taj Mahal, the Shard, ‘Stoneminge’, and M&M World), brings her blend of music, mimicry and mirth to the West End for one night only.

“You may be wondering why Bob Marley has red hair”, quips our diva, with a nod to the regular show here at the Lyric. But no, tonight it is glitter, flames, and dancers to keep us entertained.

Bursting on to the scene a few years back in Britain’s Got Talent, La Voix may have started a couple of Soho streets away at Madame Jo-Jo’s, but now has a busy time with cruise ships, panto, and TV shows.

Production photo of La Voix

She loves the old school divas. Bassey, Cher, Garland, Minnelli, Tina, and even Madge are brought to the stage in a mix of spot-on mimicry and affectionate send-up.

With some startling costumes, La Voix oozes glamour while trading banter with audience members – some give up a shoe to shuffle awkwardly around in the interval in a show-branded slipper.

Highlights include an act one finale to Cabaret‘s ‘Mein Herr’ (as Liza would play it now in her 70s, but with more core strength and leg stretches. La Voix is no slouch and shows off some great pins.

Clearly a large chunk of the audience are regulars who know the show well, but as a first-timer, I enjoyed watching the comedy and cabaret, joining in with the Disco-Bonnie Tyler-ABBA medley at the end of the night.

Production photo of La Voix

This is a show to please most palates – La Voix gives you glamour, a bit of cheek, a great set of singing pipes, and an easy manner with her band, dancers, and audience. In the interval we even have a turn from ‘merch Steve’ leading us in that stone cold S Club 7 classic, Reach.

A nod to the band (Dan Boardman, MD; Matt Randall, Steve Gilbertson, Pete Hunt), lighting supremo Darren Woodhouse, and sound chap James Deacon, who add the magic sparkle!

This is near the end of a year-long tour (“we still have to do Norwich”) but if you can spot La Voix out on the road, on a ship, or in Aylesbury’s panto, and have wondered why Nutbush City Limits is so called, or what colour carpet makes gay men gag, grab yourself a ticket!

For more on La Voix, visit her website.