Review: My Son’s A Queer … (cast recording)

It will probably come as no surprise that Rob Madge’s brilliant musical memoir was my show of the year when I reviewed it at the Turbine Theatre for NorthWestEnd in 2021.

Carefully navigating humour, pathos and an infectious joie de vivre, Madge brings theur childhood memories (and videos) into sharp focus.

The show has quite rightly received a West End transfer later this month, and I’ll be there for sheer pleasure to experience the laughter, tears and pride all over again.

This cast recording is here for those too far away to see the show, or who just want moments and songs on repeat in the comfort of their own homes.

Promotional image for the OCR of My Son's a Queer

It is Westway’s first physical album release of a cast recording, and will be available to purchase online and at the Garrick Theatre from 21 October.

Although mainly sung by Madge, they have guest vocalists Jessica Aubrey, Kayla Carter, Pippa Cleary, Oscar Conlon-Morrey, Isaac Hesketh, Jordan-Lee Davies, Carl Man, Vinnie Monachello and B Terry for the single “We Will Be Loved Anyway”, which was released 7 October.

Watch this single it being created and performed on YouTube – it is a real, joyous anthem of queer positivity and love for an accepting family. I loved it.

Otherwise, this is a warm and wonderful souvenir of an outstanding show. Pippa Cleary writes the music and collaborates on lyrics with Madge, teasing out the moments which made the performer they are now – from Gavroche to Fairy Princess.

Promotional image for single You Will Be Loved Anyway

My favourite tracks are “Pieces of my Heart” and “Pied Piper”, but it is all there to put a smile on your face. The cast recording also contains bonus content including voice notes between Madge and their dad.

From the days of precocious shows in the living room or dressing up to support of adult choices, it is clear Madge’s family are key to their success.

As Madge puts it in the opening number, “Anything is Possible”, and a precocious child can become a fairytale princess.

You can buy physical copies of the cast recording of My Son’s a Queer (But What Can You Do?) from 21 October when the show opens for its run at the Garrick Theatre.