Edinburgh Fringe digital review: Sunny Makes A Scene

Mycelia Media House presents Sunny Makes A Scene, a dramedy by Kiera Sky Torpie. This review is from a digital recording of the live show which has excellent production values throughout

The story of an American teenager grappling with the drug-related death of her father, Andy. This irreverent and unusual play runs less than half an hour but captures the sense of confusion which comes from a sudden loss and a world of addiction.

Eleanor Harper plays Sunny, the tennage daughter who stands by to watch her family pay their empty respects at his wake. Laura Kay Bailey is Mom, with Cyril Blake as Andy’s brother Jay, Lorna Calder as Nana, Tino Orsini as Grandpa, and Mary Waters as Mrs Marino.

Co-directed by the writer and Alexa Rosengaus, this packs a lot into a short time but gives each person a chance to reflecf on the man who was “more than an addict”, while Sunny calls them out on their hypocrisy.

Sunny’s scene opens old wounds and tugs at the veneer of respectability which families often display at times of crisis. What we don’t really get is a rounded picture of who Andy was.

The acting is impeccable, but the material deserves a longer running time and more nuance. It does feel as if the laughter which greets Sunny’s outburst will lead to another disaster within this family.

Perhaps behind the flowers, the politeness, and the remembrances, we never show our true selves. The black comedy here could be sharper but there are moments which work well, mainly the silent moments, looks and gestures.

Sunny Makes A Scene played at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2022. For more on the production go to the theatre company’s website.