Edinburgh Fringe digital review: Lil Saffron – Ragu to Riches

Michael Kunze makes his Edinburgh solo debut as Lil Saffron, the rapping pasta chef, with support from Soho Theatre’s Ed Fringe Lab.

Playing multiple characters in a bonkers plot, this mix of musical theatre and comedy stand-up doesn’t hold back on the giggles in this filmed capture of the show.

Filmed on just one camera, what it lacks in production values and immediacy it makes up for in Kunze’s gift for making his script sizzle and bringing his show’s disparate elements to the boil.

Partner in crime, director and on-stage DJ Hugh Edwards brings an infectious energy to proceedings, as we get sucked into the food-inspired soundtrack.

Kunze’s acting skills bring to life a range of characters from a squeaky granny to dastardly villain, as Saffron tries to make a success of his recipes and restaurant.

As an improviser and comedian, Kunze has no problem portraying the most ridiculous twists and turns of this show, right up to the bad, bad clown ‘Donald McRonald’.

No stranger to the Edinburgh Fringe (or others, with Lil Saffron previously showing at Camden Fringe) Kunze connects effortlessly with his audience, pulling them in to the most ridiculous puns and pastiches.

A nice line in audience participation, too, and a good time had by all.

Lil Saffron – Ragu to Riches played at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2022.

*** (and a half)