Edinburgh Fringe digital review: Lost and Found

Molly Keating’s Lost and Found was one of several shows presented by Theatre Paradok at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

I am reviewing the digital version which was available on Scenesaver. Maeve (Megan Gall), a Scottish student, takes her English pals and flatmates Dylan (Keating) and Abby (Mia Haden) on a night out in Glasgow.

Olivia McGeachy directs this slice of life which drips with humorous language and situations. Conor Mullen plays all the briefly glimpsed male parts, while Annie Ferguson and Amy Gospel are in supporting roles.

Promotional image for Lost and Found

Paradok Theatre’s tagline is “Edinburgh’s Theatre Company that is Experimental without being Exclusive”. With its heavy accents and a Stags & Hens vibe, Lost and Found is at its best when depicting drunken arguments between friends as the night unravels.

In just 42 minutes this piece manages to take us through a variety of places thanks to the lighting (by Naqib Fakhrul and Megan Dunlop) and sound design (by Martha Barrow and Cherry Gallacher). You get a sense of boozy late nights, girly chats, and more.

Abrasive in places, cringingly honest in others, Lost and Found is a strong piece of writing, but for me it could have been tighter in a couple of places. However, this is a company unafraid to push boundaries and are definitely one to watch.

Find out more about Theatre Paradok on their website. View a selection of their productions on Scenesaver.

*** (and a half)