Review: DYAD – RISE & SET

DYAD: RISE & SET is a multi-sensory, immersive, collective experience at sunrise and sunset. The two-part at home experience uses captivating audio and beautifully designed literature to bring participants together and explores a ritual around the sun.

DYAD: RISE & SET will run as an evening and morning on demand audio broadcast with an accompanying package in the post containing materials that enrich the experience and awaken every sense on their journey.”

An art experience created by production company yello brick in collaboration with Hannah McPake, DYAD: RISE and SET is a “liberating ritual connecting you with the sun”.

On signing up, you receive a package through the post comprising two envelopes, one for each of RISE and SET, and instructions for how to access the audio files (or their BSL equivalents).

“Participants will first experience SET, designed to be listened to at sunset. SET narrates the story of an ordinary man who can’t sleep and as the boundary between sleep and wake becomes blurred, his reality begins to shift.

The second part of the experience takes the form of RISE, to be listened to at sunrise. RISE invites guests to sit by a window in their home and listen to the story of a young woman on
her walk through the city and towards the sea. 

An early morning ritual that sparks a global movement, a journey of reconnection to people and place.”

The amount of care that gone into the character journal for SET and the storybook for RISE means they can be enjoyed alone: however, the audio files with their strange storytelling and rich tapestry of sound, music and voice, give a new life to the piece.

Watching the sunset while listening to the thrilling and unsettling text of SET gives a sense of unease. It is a radio play with extras, a clever subversion of a passive experience of listening where we can really get involved.

Laura Dalgliesh provides the voice for RISE; Memet Ali Alabora for SET. A truly accessible experience, you can choose to listen to the audio without materials, or experience the two pieces in whatever form you wish.

For RISE, there is a teabag and candle to kick-start your day as the sun breaks into a new day. There is an official transcript which can be read and followed. This has its own surprises; its own sun journey.

The power and curiosity of animals runs through both pieces; their world being the night and the two borders with daytime. Wolves, foxes, badgers, cats, rats, rabbits, birds.

A beautiful yet chilling audio experience, DYAD: RISE & SET celebrates the magic and danger of the natural world and those moments bookending each day.

DYAD: RISE & SET is available now from yello brick ‘s website.