Edinburgh Fringe digital review: Hey, You

Georgia Politakis, from Australia, has created this show which she introduces as “the most boring story you’ll ever hear”.

Quickly, though, we hear about a dead sister, that sister’s abusive ex-boyfriend, and a family wedding which has to be stopped. All tough topics.

Hey, You is a little monologue of rage and repression which runs at just over half an hour. As Marina explores the secrets and misogyny running deep inside her family, we watch the story unfold with increasing unease.

Promotional photo for Hey, You

The production values are strong, the plot structure sharp, and Politakis’s performance is both vulnerable and vibrant. It is clear she has a background in physical theatre, utilising her body to support her narrative.

However, the premise of Hey, You is a little muddled, not knowing for certain whether to be comic or tragic. It has the sense of unreliable narration alongside the exploration of grief.

Inventive – I liked the “game show” segment describing male di**heads – and innovative, Hey, You could definitely benefit from future development but at the moment it feels like a show trying to find its feet.

You can stream Hey, You throughout the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with tickets available here.