GM Fringe review: Tree Confessions (online)

Written by Jenny Lyn Bader and narrated by Kathleen Chalfant, Tree Confessions is a 34-minute audio show which most recently streamed as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe.

As listener, you are invited to take your device and sit under a tree. It may be in your own garden, or in a park or churchyard. Your choice, your experience.

The play is voiced by the tree, and if you close your eyes and listen through your headphones you will get to hear how the most venerable parts of nature think and feel about the world around them.

The voice has an American accent, which may jar slightly if you are under a traditional tree here in the UK or elsewhere. It is a chatty voice, one which exudes confidence, brings you into its secrets.

There are interesting ideas here about communities of trees with invisible ties underground, which might explain weather-related disasters which fell trunks of hundreds of years standing.

Human and fauna existing together but mutually suspicious, too. This is a tree which crosses convention to speak to you, sitting underneath in the shadow of the sun.

You can next book to listen to Tree Confessions as part of the Camden Fringe throughout August, with tickets available here.