Puncture the Screen: Data Driven Film Festival

A collection of filmed artworks that have had their creation driven by data.

Graphic Nature by P.A.BITEZ

Displacement Native by Michael-Jon Mizra

Augmented Art by Tom Shennan

just calling to say by Ella Wight

Starting with issues around body positivity and social media-driven trauma in BITEZ’s short, sharp poetry and images, the Data Driven Film Festival has different forms of data at its core but doesn’t really tie together thematically.

The longest piece here is Wight’s collection of voicemails, inspired by finding saved messages on changing landlines. It’s almost harking back to long-form, thoughtful modes of communication rather than LOLs and text-speak.

Mental health is a theme in the work of BITEZ, Wight, and Shennan (whose four short pieces feel more internal and abstract, led by individual one word instructions like “Rest!”.

Mizra’s piece returns from last year’s Puncture the Screen and deals partially with the issue of Syrian refugees and state censorship. I found it technically sound but lacking a little in length and depth.

In the work of BITEZ and Shennan, movement and image are flowing, free and yet focused on the message that sometimes it is OK to take a breath, take a pause, and own our truth.

These are bizesize pieces which pass in a flash but retain a profound charge which makes you return to them, trying to figure out what is going on.

You can access all these films on denand until the end of July by booking a ticket here.